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We have been very successful in bringing projects to market across Europe, across a variety of industries and KPI’s.  In common they had their growth objectives and a challenge to rethink their revenue strategies and processes.

Our first client was NewsCorp’s Myspace, over 10 years ago, with a challenge to find a business model which worked for the secondary markets in Europe.  In short, what to do in countries where the cost of opening an office is (too) close to the size of the market opportunity?

At the time it was prohibitively expensive to prove to the market that your tech idea solved a market pain.  Today, mainly due to cloud services destroying costly barriers to entry in the tech sector, the marketing technology space is evolving insanely fast:  Supply Side Platforms, Demand Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges, Open Marketplaces, Private Market Places, Data Management Platforms, AdNetworks, Trading Desks, Intent and Audience Targeting…

But the game is still the same:  customers, not crowds, make purchases.  So commercial success comes from understanding clients, their attention patterns and how to reach them as an audience.

And our mission remains to leverage people, data and technology to help businesses understand the marketplace and expand efficiently.

Our over 15 years of commercial experience (going back to the University that was Unanimis!) have resulted in our Revenue Growth Framework or methodology.  No, it isn’t a proprietary black box or IP.  Instead it’s simply a combination of technology, proven sales processes and a seasoned management team.

Technology plays have been a part of our DNA as brands increasingly rely on us for decisions to support their sales and marketing strategies. So it makes total sense to put that upfront and center for the market to better understand what we do and how we can help.

So today isn’t a shift, or a pivot.  Today simply marks a reposition of our SW19 Global brand which has been talking to CMO’s since it’s inception.  Today we tidy up our positioning.

SW19 Global still works with middle market companies in the media, technology and entertainment industries accelerate revenues and reach the next level of sales growth potential.

Bring on the next 10 years!

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