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SW19's new team member!

Manuel Andrade, Junior Analyst at SW19

Em inglês, para o mundo.

SW19 has a new team member. Joining us for one of our upcoming projects, we present you our newest Junior Analyst: Manuel Andrade.

Tell us who you are.
My name is Manuel Andrade and I’m 25 years old. I have a degree in International Relations and i´m currently concluding my Master Degree in Law and Security.

How are you feeling right now?
I´m feeling great! Specially because I’m starting a new work experience. I will do my best to support SW19 in all ways and to reach its main objectives.

What excites you?
Many things! I love sports. I practice gym, jogging and bodyboard regularly. I like the adrenaline.

What scares you?
Spiders and heights!

What´s your proudest achievement?
That´s a hard one! Actually, during my personal and professional life I have had some achievements thatI am proud of. For example, when I fought my fear of crowded places, in concerts for example. And when I concluded my degree in International Relations.

Who is your greatest mentor and what did they teach you?
My greatest mentor is my Mother. She theaches my how to be a better and stronger person every day!!

Who are your fictional and real life heroes?
My real life heroes are all my family and my closest friends. My fictional heroes are Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan and I am also a fan of Rocky Balboa.

What music did you love when you were 13 — and do you still love it now?
Shaggy, “It Wasn’t me!”.

What is the most inspiring book you have ever read?
it´s hard to answer. In my opinion every book can be inspiring in a different way. I love historical romances, such as “The First Man in Rome”, and any book where you can learn a lot about the human nature.

What’s a movie that left a lasting impression on you?
Creed Ultimate Rocky Legacy.

Sports club?
Sporting Lisbon

Lakers or Celtics?

Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus?
Jack Nicklaus.

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