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In: Diogo Baldo

I met Diogo out on the field in 2019 when two events we were working on coincided: on my side a World Padel Tour event - the Cascais Padel Masters. On his, an industry event called Cascais Global Sports Summit.

We immediately connected and had fun working together, resulting in a last minute partnership that enabled the public to participate in both events, cross promotion for our sponsors and even allowed for guest speakers from the padel world. 

Since then we have been trying to figure out how to work together more often. And that culminates with Diogo joining SW19 Sports & Entertainment today as Project Lead (well… a couple of weeks ago!) and taking on some of the most exciting projects we have upcoming. 

Welcome Diogo, it’s a pleasure share in your enthusiasm and know how of this industry we’re in!

By:  João Martins, CEO

For everyone else, here’s Diogo… in his own words!

Tell us who you are.
I am passionate about sports. I have a degree in Physical Edication and Sports, a Post Graduate in high Performance and Sports, and a Master in Sports Education. 

What scares you?
Living, and not achieving anything remarkable;

What is your proudest achievement?
I can't define my proudest achievement. But for sure one of them was the creation of Cascais Global Sports Summit bringing some of the best speakers in the world of sports to Portugal;

Who is your greatest mentor and what did they teach you?
My parents! They teached me the most important things: principles of living in society and respect for others;

Who are your fictional and real life heroes?
My fictional heroes are Captain America and Batman. My real life heros, apart from my parents, are Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo;

Give us a music guilty pleasure of yours.

What is the most inspiring book you have ever read?
Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson;

Favourite movie?
Fight club - it's a hell of a movie and everytime I watch it I discover something different;

Sports club?
The champion: Sporting Clube de Portugal;

Mourinho or Pep?
Mourinho, but both have developed a different way of understanding the game and have set new rules of coaching football;

Favourite football tactic?
4-4-2 with Ronaldo and Mbappe together...just dreaming eheh;

Who is the GOAT? Federer, Djokovic or Nadal?
Hard decision, but personally Federer. He is the "teacher" of Djoko and Nadal😉

Note from the editor: Despacito will not be allowed on the company playlist, Christmas Party or Office DJ, under any circumstance. 
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